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Bernice Meshed Cutout Dress

Bernice Meshed Cutout Dress

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Bernice Meshed Cutout Dress

Dare to be different with the Bernice Meshed Cutout Dress, a bold and avant-garde ensemble that embodies a fearless fashion statement. This dress is crafted from thick mesh crochet materials, adorned with striking leather tassels that add a unique texture and dynamic movement to your look.


  • Material: Thick Mesh Crochet with Leather Tassles
  • Care: Dry clean only to maintain the integrity and quality of the materials
  • Style: Edgy and statement-making

The Bernice Dress combines daring cutouts and intricate mesh detailing, offering a glimpse of skin in a sophisticated yet provocative manner. The leather tassels provide an edgy contrast, perfect for those looking to push the boundaries of conventional evening wear.

Step out in the Bernice Meshed Cutout Dress for an evening where you're guaranteed to turn heads and ignite conversations about your bold style choices.

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