About Us

Hello my name is Thandy I am the founder of Regalia Amour. It was was established July 2020, it always has been a dream since a young age. I loved Fashion trends & also inspired by my Parents who were business people. My late mom used to own a boutique stall, I followed her footsteps & always sold womens accessories as a side hustle. Also realized that some people don't have time to go out shopping, so I can help personally shop for them as it is my passion.

Growing up my mother was a fashionista and she always would dress up like the Queen. Regalia Amour is inspired by her love of fashion. At Regalia we want to make everyone feel beautiful and like the royalty she is. 

As well as being an ecommerce store we have a physical store 


Ball Hill Indoor Market Mall, Coventry CV2 4BA, UK